Hair Care

At Innovations Hair Studio in Evesham all of our stylists have undergone training in all of our products. We are committed to bringing you the very best of home hair care products to help you to maintain your style and condition to its very best.Following is a summary of our ranges to give you an overview of what we have selected for you BUT please take advantage of our teams knowledge and allow them to inform you about the best products for you personally so that your hair looks good and feels great.
Hair Care

We use British hair products

Shampoos & Conditioners

The range has been created through expert hands, questioning every product’s benefit and scrutinising the results. The days of what the bottle represents have gone, replaced by the brand’s need to suit the demands of the consumer. The results and the feel are all for today’s women.

Styling & Finishing

For decades British Hairdressing has been synonymous with iconic hairstyles that have defined an era. British Hair represents the best of British Hairdressing’s heritage for technical excellence and head-turning flair, combined with the very best in innovation and style to deliver exceptional quality products with professional results. Innovations is the only hairdressers in Eveham to use British Hair



MOROCCANOIL has created a revolutionary line of styling, finishing and conditioning products for hair that will guarantee an enhanced result. For centuries argan-oil has traditionally been used by women in Morocco to treat hair, nails, and to counteract the effects of weather. Argan-oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, and is rich in tocopherols, which work like vitamin E (nature’s most powerful antioxidant agent).
Because of its high content of anti-oxidants, argan-oil naturally renews cell structure, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restores shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Serie Expert

Serie Expert Molecular Precision Hair care is a dedicated range of products for each hair type developed to treat the hair from the core to the surface.
Specialized technologies included in exclusive in-salon treatments and expert home care products target the cortex, cuticle,and surface areas of the hair to provide complete renewal, strength, condition, and intense shine for visibly beautiful results.
Formulated by L’Oreal Professional, Serie Expert is a professional hair care system available exclusively through salons.
Serie Expert

Tame your thirsty rebellious hair with this mix of moisture, shine and control products.
Glam definition tames and adds shine to very dry hair. Sublime shine nourishes very dry hair.
Spiral splendor is ideal for nourishing dry, thick curly hair and supreme smooth smoothing cream wild condition and nourish rebellious thirsty hair. Check out the collection with your stylist and find which one is suitable for your life style and hair condition.
Tecni Art Hairmix

L’Oreal Playball

With play ball there are no rules. You can keep things simple and use one product for outstanding results or try out a selection of products to create an endless array of styling choices.
Whatever your hair type length colour condition or style play ball presents you with a flurry of cock tailing layering and intermixing opportunities – so you can wave goodbye to boring hair days forever.
L’Oreal Playball


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